Wednesday 26 March 2014

Kate Davies Tea Towel: Too Good For Washing Up

I am now the proud owner of a Kate Davies tea towel, which, I may add, will NOT be used for drying up greasy lasagne dishes. I first discovered Kate's wonderful knitwear designs a couple of years ago. Indeed her owls jumper, which became a Ravelry sensation, is on my 'to knit' list with the correct yarn carefully stored in my knitting basket alongside the pattern.

Photo courtesy of Kate Davies Designs
The tea towel shows Kate's most delectable designs drawn as concept sketches. For starting-out designers like me it's helpful to see how the experts put their design and stitch ideas down on paper (or cotton in this case).

For me the tea towel is a motivator to keep on knitting my work in progresses. As I've mentioned in a previous post I'm about a third of the way through knitting Kate's Catkin design. It's a challenging knit for me becaue it entails both cables and working in the round. Subsequently I took a break from Catkin to knit a few quicker projects that pass the EastEnders test *. Currently I'm knitting a purple Debbie Bliss cushion cover for my new sofa, a project that uses variations of knit and purl rows to create a clean, calming aesthetic.

For now my Kate Davies tea towel will remain pristine, untouched by fairy liquid or last night's dishes. It's a covetable reminder for me to up my knitting ante and carry on making the designs that I so desire to wear.

* A project passes the EastEnders test if I can knit it at the same time as watching EastEnders and not go wrong.

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