Wednesday 2 March 2016

Review of Simple Chic Knits Book

Mrs Moon is a bricks and mortar knitting shop that moved online, specialising in it's own gorgeously tactile yarns plump chunky and plump DK. I reviewed plump DK in 2015 - see here for the review and a free easy neckwarmer pattern.

Cover image courtesy of Mrs Moon
Now the store's owners, sisters Karen Miller and Susan Ritchie have expanded their repertoire by publishing Simple Chic Knits, their collection of what they call super-simple patterns for modern casual knitted clothes, accessories and items for the home. 

I'd call myself an intermediate knitter aiming to become a experienced one and I enjoy taking on knitting projects that teach me new skills. Sometimes, however, I want to knit something quick and stylish, particularly if it's for a gift, that will pass my EastEnders test - i.e. I can knit it and watch TV at the same time without going wrong or missing the storyline.

Simple Chic Knits passes the EastEnders test with flying colours. Not only is the photography lovely to look at but the patterns are placed next to the photos unlike some other knitting books where they are confusingly in different sections. 

Sweater image courtesy of Mrs Moon
There are six chapters in the book, containing projects for the hime, to wear, for children, hats and scarves, hands and feet, and finally techniques that beginner knitters need to know and more experienced knitters might want to brush up on. Most of the patterns use Mrs Moon plump, but a few other yarns stocked by the shop also make a guest appearance.

Thinking particularly for gifts for my goddaughters I'm loving the child's simple sweater. It's a unisex pattern knitted in the chunky version of plump, of which there are 15 colours to choose from. 

Other great gift knits include the number blanket for a baby, and the two colour cowl or neck ruff to keep grown-ups warm in chilly weather. 

And for me? The herringbone bed runner featured on the book's cover not only looks fabulous but gives me the chance to learn a new stitch. It's also pattern that can be knitted to use up any spare plump yarn. 

Last year I dipped my toes (excuse the pun) into sock knitting. The book includes a pattern for super-cozy bed socks with short row shaping that look relatively simple to tackle. The pair is knitted with plump DK in a beautiful light turquoise colour called sugared almond. I'd certainly like to add this to my 'to knit' list.

Super-cosy socks image courtesy of Mrs Moon. 

Simple Chic Knits costs £12.99 plus p&p and can be ordered directly here from Mrs Moon.

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