Sunday 19 June 2016

Two More Brit Indie Dyer Lots Hit The Online Shelves

One of the special things about indie-dyed yarns is that they're one offs- once the batch is sold it has gone - and there won't be another exactly the same as your skein.

Following on from my post yesterday about new British yarns, I've come across two indie British favourites who have been busy dying this week. The results are available on their websites whilst stocks last.

The skeins aren't cheap but remember that indie dyers are self-employed and with the yarn you're paying for their skill and expertise!

Rainbow Heirloom

This Scottish indie brand dyes a plethora of colours on its popular Rainbow Heirloom sweater yarn, made from 100% superwash merino. Sadly it's not British wool but the dyeing counts as British.

'Lion's Roar' photo courtesy of Rainbow Heirloom
I've bought the yarn previously in two shades: Killer Flamingo - a bright pink/orange melange; and Favourite Aunty, a deeper red. Rainbow Heirloom is a sister company of Tin Can Knits (Scottish-based Emily Wessel used to run the company but now she's on maternity leave Nina Davies has taken over the helm), and I've earmarked Favourite Aunty is earmarked for knitting the Lush cardigan with. 

As well as the bringing back old favourites there are also new shades to choose from, including a deep blue Boyfriend's Jeans shade and a deep purple Gothic Elephant. Lion's Roar - a wonderful autumnal shade of dark yellowy orange - is available for pre-order. 

Following on from Wessel's monthly dye club last year Davies has launched her own monthly Home from Home club. It's cheaper to pay upfront and receive your skeins as a surprise, or alternatively wait until the month the skein is released to see the colour you'll get before you buy.

This month's colourway is Springtime Valley, dyed on Rainbow Heirloom Heather yarn. A skein costs £18 plus P&P.

Springtime Valley photo courtesy of Rainbow Heirloom

Countess Ablaze

The super-talented Countess Ablaze has used rare British sheep breeds Wensleydale (DK weight), Black Hebridean (light fingering weight), Bluefaced Leicester and Masham (both DK) for her latest shop stock-up.

Image courtesy of Countess Ablaze

Her online shop lists the number of skeins still available - prices range between £14 and £16 per skein, plus P&P. I haven't knitted with Countess Ablaze's yarn and therefore can't comment on its knitability, but the colours are truly scrumptious and she gets thumbs up for stocking British yarn.

My favourite colourway is Persia - a DK yarn that's the colour of summer skies and tropical seas. The variegated tone suggests lapping waves to me.

Persia image courtesy of Countess Ablaze

And finally ...

I had intended to include Eden Cottage Yarns in this post because last week they released another home-dyed batch of their 75% superwash merino and 25% silk base Titus 4 ply yarn (not to be confused with baa ram ewe's own British 4 ply yarn that's also called Titus).

However in the three days since I received an email about Titus it has nearly all sold out! At the time of writing this post there are literally just a few skeins left at £18 per 100g skein plus P&P. Look here to see what's left.

Are there any British indie yarn dyers you would recommend? Please let me know in the comments box below.

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