Saturday 3 March 2018

Snuggly Sweaters Suitable For The Snow

Outside my window it still looks like the Arctic despite the fact that I live in suburbia in the middle of England. Today it hasn't snowed but the Met Office is warning people not to travel unless strictly necessary and forecasting that the white stuff will fall again tonight.

For the last few days I've thanked heaven for my Rowan Big Wool jumper I knitted a few years ago. It's extremely thick and warm, can fit other layers underneath and is my 'go to' sweater whenever temperatures plummet. In fact I've worn it so much it's now tatty and bobbly and could do with a good shave to smarten it up.

I no longer have the pattern and sadly a quick search online for it didn't prove fruitful. Here are some recommendations for other snow-worthy sweaters, whether I've knitted them already or they just look so irresistibly cosy ...

1. Karie Westermann's Scollay is a cardigan that doubles up as a jumper when all the buttons are done up. Mine is knitted Blacker Yarns' Westcountry Tweed DK British Wool that keeps the warmth in and the draughts out.

Image courtesy of Karie Westermann
2. Jane Ellison's Pengelly sweater has a high neck and front pockets to put your hands in when it's getting nippy. It's knitted in aran weight. Ellison's shop Purl&Jane sells a suitable The Croft Shetland Tweed Aran.

Image courtesy of Jane Ellison
3. Kate Davies' Owls is an oldie but goodie. The pattern that launched her design career is still popular and, thanks to its chunky wool requirement (I knitted a version using Toft's silver chunky wool) is very snug. Just add a cowl if your neck gets chilly.

Image courtesy of Kate Davies

4. Gudrun Johnston's Snarravoe is waiting in my yarn stash to be knitted. It's inspired by the homeland of its Shetland-born designer and if the sweater can keep you warm there it can keep you warm anywhere. The pattern requires aran weight yarn - a good choice is Erika Knight for John Lewis's 100% wool aran.

Image courtesy of Gudrun Johnston
5. Ann Kingston's Hild jumper has a hood for those days when you've forgotten to bring a hat. Choose a British aran yarn such as West Yorkshire Spinners' Aran Bluefaced Leicester. Scarf optional to keep your neck balmy.

Image courtesy of Ann Kingstone
6. Tin Can Knits' Flax is a basic sweater that is suitable for beginners and more experienced knitters can knit up quickly. I've knitted light version in 4ply. This DK versions is warmer and can be pulled on as an extra layer when needs must. Choose one of Garthenor's 15 natural shades of DK.

Image courtesy of Tin Can Knits

7. Ella Gordon's Crofthoose Yoke is knitted in Jamieson & Smith's 2ply jumper weight. The 100% Shetland wool traps air, keeping the wearer warm.

Image courtesy of Ella Gordon

8. If all else fails buy some 100% British extra-thick yarn from Chunky Row and create your own sweater like this one!

Image courtesy of
Which hand-knitted jumper keeps you warm? Let us know in the comments box below or on our Facebook page.

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