Tuesday 1 May 2018

Stitch Markers To Dye For

I can never have enough stitch markers as the free plastic ones from magazines break, some get lost down the side of the sofa and my hoard of markers get used up pretty quickly on the numerous works in progress I have on the go. More than once I've resorted to knotting some spare yarn in a loop to create a temporary marker because I've run out.

Ysolda Teague

Therefore when I received one of Ysolda Teague's regular marketing emails last week for her yarn, pattern and sundries online store, and saw this delightful stitch marker set,  I snapped one up pronto.

Image courtesy of Ysolda Teague
There are six wooden markers that are mini versions of Teague's sweater designs. Not only do they fit size 4mm-8mm needles but they look so cute too and are sturdy - no snapping here. Whilst they're not cheap, at £9 plus P&P, they should last a lifetime.


The Ysolda Teague stitch markers will have pride of place in my knitting bag alongside my two other favourites. These metal knitting-themed markers from Baabaabrighouse cost £5 plus P&P.

Image courtesy of Baabaabrighouse
The dainty pair of scissors, ball of yarn and sellotape caught my eye, along with the fact that they're available in two sizes: up to 3.75mm and up to 7.5mm. Huge stitch markers do tend to make a bit of a gap when I'm knitting on smaller-sized needles.


These adorable sheep-faced stitch markers from Herdy were my first purchase at Yarndale a few years ago.
Image courtesy of Herdy
At £7.50 for a pack of six, plus P&P, they're a mid-range price. They fit needles up to 7mm. Mine have had oodles of use out of them and are currently holding places in garments I'm in the middle of creating. All of these three sets of stitch markers put a smile on my face when I'm knitting!

Do you have a favourite stitch marker set - or perhaps you've inherited some with a special meaning? Do let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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