Monday 22 April 2019

The Dye Shack Easter Yarn Calendar Review

Enthused by the fun experience last Christmas of opening Baa Baa Brighouse's advent yarn calendar on the run up to the big day I decided to shell out (spot the pun!) for an Easter version.

The one I chose was from The Dye Shack, a Somerset-based small yarn hand-dying business. I ordered and paid for it back in February then promptly forgot about it - therefore it was a lovely surprise when it turned up in my post a few weeks ago. Here's what I received: a large plastic yellow egg and a smaller, orange one.

Inside the orange egg were some chocolate treats.

I then put away the yellow egg in my wardrobe and forgot that the first skein to open was on Palm Sunday. Thankfully I saw The Dye Shack's Facebook post reminding customers that it was time to open their egg. Inside was a small bag with three Easter-themed stitch markers:

These look extremely pretty but sadly weren't so practical because their individual clasps kept opening as I knitted leading to them falling off ...

And then we came to the nine wrapped and numbered mini skeins, the last of which was to be opened today (Easter Monday). Here are some of them:

What beautiful, bright colours! When I ordered the Easter yarn calendar I decided to use the skeins to knit a thinner version of the Land of Sweets cowl.

I spent a few hours on Saturday and Easter Sunday knitting and here's where I'm up to so far:

I love it and am looking forward to finishing it and wearing it. The yarn is 4 ply sock yarn and could be used for any number of other projects, yet knowing in advance what I wanted to knit enhanced the yarn calendar experience for me.

All in all I was very pleased with my purchase. To add to the forgetful theme I can't remember what I paid for it but it was one of the cheaper ones I could find.

The Dye Shack's Easter yarn calendar is no longer available but keep an eye out for a Christmas version on sale later this year. My tip is to save in your Ravelry folder in advance any patterns you come across that may be suitable for knitting with lots of mini skeins in order to avoid a 'great yarn but what on earth am I going to do with it?' moment!

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