Friday 20 September 2019

First Look At Blacker Yarns' 14th Birthday Yarn Cornish Garden

It's 20th September and it's launch day for Blacker Yarns' limited edition 14th birthday yarn Cornish Garden. Here's what we know about it already ...

There will be two weights available

Says Blacker Yarns, 'Like all our birthday yarns Cornish Garden is woollen spun to achieve a light, fluffy, bulky yarn with a strong memory to increase elasticity and resilience. This year we have used fine fibres, so have been able to make a fine 3ply yarn as well as a thicker sport weight yarn.'

Cornish Garden will come in six shades

Here's the shade card. There are four vibrant colours - Bononnoc Pink, Trebah Blue, Heligan Green and Cotehele Gold - along with two more neutral shades of Hepworth Natural and Tremenheere Dark Grey. All are named after Cornish gardens.

Each 100g skein contains a whopping 460m of wool

To make the blend, Blacker Yarns says 'we have combined some soft fine and rare English merino with a few other special things. The yarn is blended from 40% natural white and fawn English Merino plus 17% fawn and grey Shetland, 26% Blue-faced Leicester and, to add some texture and help the planet, we have also recycled 17% pale nails from our frosted combing processes.

There will be pattern support

Blacker Yarns told A Woolly Yarn that there will be two new patterns especially for Cornish Garden. One is a pair of socks using two colours of sport weight, and the other is a shawl knitted in the 3ply yarn.

It passes the squish test

A Woolly Yarn received two sample skeins for review in the shades Hepworth Natural and Heligan Green. All opinions are our own.

First impressions are that the Heligan Green is a vibrant, jewel-like shade and Hepworth Natural is a solid shade of grey - not too light or dark.

The wool is squishy and bounces back to the touch. There's a satisfying slight sense of sheep reassuring the consumer that the yarn is all wool.

Cornish Garden has a slight halo and is woollen spun. One thing to bear in mind is that I snapped the fibre easily. Knitters with tight tensions beware!

What we don't yet know

The price. This will be revealed at launch on Blacker Yarns' website and local yarn stores.

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