Friday 15 November 2019

Marie Wallin's Two New Pattern Books For Winter

Meadow image courtesy of Marie Wallin
It's like waiting for a bus and then two come along at once! Fans of knitting designer Marie Wallin - who formerly worked for Rowan and now runs her own business - will be thrilled to know that she's releasing not one but two pattern books this winter.


Meadow is already available and contains seven Fair Isle and textured stitch designs that are Wallin's speciality. The whole collection uses Jamieson's Spindrift 4ply wool. Spindrift is a hardy wool with a sticky texture that makes it suitable for steeking - if you dare!

Says Wallin about the patterns:
"The designs in the Meadow collection are lightly inspired by traditional Fair Isle patterns and ornamental design. Many of the shapes are more contemporary in look and styling with some of them being easy to change to a different colour, if so desired."
Meadow costs £18 plus P&P from Wallin's website and she is donating £1 from each copy sold to the Shetland MRI scanner appeal. The island of Shetland is close to Wallin's heart and currently residents who need an MRI scan have to travel to the mainland.

All seven designs are available to browse on Ravelry, but here are A Woolly Yarn's top three favourites:


This cropped, boxy-shaped jumper is knitted flat in pieces and uses 16 different shades of Spindrift. Great for a challenge!

Cowslip image courtesy of Marie Wallin

Wallin has used the shade 'Blue Lovat' for this jumper with three-quarter-length sleeves. The intricate stitch pattern is very striking.

Mallow image courtesy of Marie Wallin

Want a change from stranded colourwork yokes? This design places the colourwork around the waist instead.

Teasel image courtesy of Marie Wallin


Wallin's second pattern book of the season, Gentle, uses her own British Breeds yarn range, including four new shades that will launch on 1st December to coincide with the publication of the book. Gentle is available to pre-order for £19 plus P&P from Marie Wallin's website.

Gentle image courtesy of Marie Wallin
Gentle contains 12 designs and, after a sneak early peak of them all, here are A Woolly Yarn's top three favourites:

Honeysuckle - a beautifully-shaded Fair Isle cardigan.

Honeysuckle image courtesy of Marie Wallin
Veronica Cowl - a smaller project suitable for stranded colourwork learners.

Veronica image courtesy of Marie Wallin
Mistletoe Tam - a seasonally-named hat that's almost too beautiful to wear!

Which is your favourite? Dare you steek or do you opt for designs you don't have to cut? Let us know in the comment box or on A Woolly Yarn's Facebook page.

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