Friday 5 June 2015

BritYarn Online Wool Shop Opens

Logo courtesy of BritYarn
There's a burgeoning community of knitters who want to champion and support British wool, like here at A Woolly Yarn,  and now there's a new online shopping choice for all of us who want to buy British.

The wonderful blogger KnitBritish spread the word that opened its virtual doors this week to online shoppers. Isla Davison, the store's owner, explains her vision behind her business:
"I have been knitting for several years and have become really interested in where the wool or fibre comes from. However, as a knitter, I was becoming increasingly frustrated when it was either not clear where the wool originated from or was simply labelled as manufactured in Britain. This desire to understand the provenance of my wool has developed into BritYarn and our woolly principles."
BritYarn includes British Overseas Territories such as The Falkland Islands in its definition of British.  Davison says that wool content in a yarn must be 100% grown for her to stock it. Patterns and accessories included on the site are exclusively from British suppliers too.

At present there's a small but very select amount of products on offer including patterns from designer favourites Kate Davies and Rachel Coopey and wool from Eden Cottage Yarns, Jamieson and Smith and West Yorkshire Spinners amongst others.

My eye was immediately drawn to The Knitting Goddess' Britsock self-striping yarn spun in Devon and dyed in Harrogate - at £21 its pricey but very covetable and I haven't seen it for sale anywhere else. It's the sort of small-scale brand I love to discover.

The Knitting Goddess' Britsock - image courtesy of BritYarn
I haven't yet ordered anything from the BritYarn and therefore can't comment on their service. Delivery costs £3.50 for orders less than £30 and is free for orders over £30.

It's great to see a yarn store dedicated to selling only British yarns, patterns and accessories. Now perhaps BritYarn could open a bricks and mortar store too - preferable near my house? Looking at wool online is never as good as squishing it in real life!

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