Wednesday 8 July 2015

Review Of Simple Knits By Jane Ellison

Image courtesy of Purl&Jane
The scenic town of Skipton in North Yorkshire is home to the Purl&Jane knitting emporium, owned by entrepreneur and designer Jane Ellison.

In her career she has published over 70 books and her most recent is an accessible collection of eight cardigans and sweaters for women designed to be knitted in the Irish yarn Kilcarra Tweed from Knoll Yarns.

Ellison's patterns range from easy to the more challenging, making the book ideal for knitters of varying abilities. The sweaters and cardigans are all in a casual style to keep you toasty on an Autumn day: think baggy and long, like being wrapped in a knitted hug.

Whilst I haven't felt or knitted with Kilkarra Tweed personally, it does sound like a warm, functional, yet pretty yarn. Rebecca Shaw from Knoll Yarns describes it like this:
"The Kilcarra Tweed combines all the elements that I love in yarn: a rich heritage, beautiful shades that look like the yarn has drunk up all the intense hues of the colour with hidden flecks of other colours, that make it look as though it has been sprinkled with a rainbow and a pure new wool that holds the stitches firmly to create beautiful stitch patterns."

Kilkarra Tweed comes in 11 different shades, most being bright and fun. And so to the patterns! All photographs are courtesy of Jane Ellison.









Being short and not having a lock neck, some of the designs would engulf me. I do love the yarn colours, however, and I'm keen on knitting a shorter version of Karreck in pink - just the job to brighten up the dull Winter months.

A hard copy of Simple Knits sells from £11.95 and is available, along with Kilcarra Tweed, from Purl&Jane in store and online. The design photographs are viewable online at Ravelry to whet your appetite. 

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