Saturday 13 February 2016

Katya Frankel's Four Patterns + Knitalong

February sees knitwear designer Katya Frankel releasing four new accessory patterns and, to celebrate, an accompanying knit along - her first ever!

The patterns - two shawls, a hat and and pair of socks - all have her trademark attention to detail, making them a fun challenge for intermediate knitters. They cost £3.50 each from Ravelry. Use the code anythinggoeskal on Ravelry to get an extra 20% discount on any of Frankel's self-published patterns. Why not join in the knitalong too, which runs from 8th - 26th February? To join in, go to the Frankel's knitalong Ravelry thread.

Here are the patterns:


This top-down knitted shawl is knitted in 3ply. The pattern is both charted and knitted out. Frankel says "tiny diamonds grow symmetrically off the spine of the shawl on the mesh ground. The main body is framed with a wide band of garter that beautifully offsets the negative space and highlights its delicate gauzy fabric."

Image courtesy of Katya Frankel

Brixham Socks

My favourite out of the four patterns, these gansey-inspired socks are knitted from the cuff down and include a knit and purl diamond pattern. The socks are knitted in DK yarn. Frankel's blog has a useful post on how to shape the star toe used in the pattern.

Image courtesy of M Harper


Again knitted in 4 ply, this shawl had a diamond-shaped border. Says Frankel, "the stocking stitch centre lends the mesh border a little stability, simultaneously creating the perfectly arcing-ribbon shape. The centre part is knitted from the border towards the neck, which means that the rows diminish in length as you knit on.

Image courtesy of Katya Frankel

Slip Cable Hat

Look at the fabulous design on the top of this hat! What a shame that when you are wearing it you can't see it. Ravelry says this pattern was published in December 2007, but Frankel is including it in her latest pattern releases. Knitted in worsted yarn, it's suitable for an advanced beginner who wants to practice slip-stitch cable columns.

Image courtesy of Katya Frankel

Regular readers will know that shawls are not for me but I love the hat and socks. Sadly I"ve too much currently on my needles to join in the knitalong good luck to all and happy knitting.

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