Friday 6 May 2016

Final Knit Today Issue Review

Blacker Yarns' Tamar as featured in Knit Today's final issue
"Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got til it's gone" sang Joni Mitchell, and the same is true for the magazine Knit Today, which published its final issue this month.

In my previous post I blogged about how the publisher announced that the magazine wasn't selling enough copies to be sustainable. Its demise, however, will be a real loss to the knitting magazine market, being the only magazine seemingly aimed at beginners and intermediate knitters wanting modern projects. After a makeover in 2015 Knit Today has been the most contemporary of the mainstream knitting magazines available in the newsagents and, no offence meant, it isn't aimed at granny knitters - no christening gowns here!

In its final issue there's a fabulous article about British sustainable yarns that sums up everything this blog is about. Pattern-wise there are socks, a bed runner, linen scarf and an aide bright yellow mohair tee, amongst others.

There are magazines with modern patterns out there, such as Pom Pom Quarterly, but they are subcription-only and aimed at more advanced knitters, meaning newbies are unlikely to come across them.

Here's hoping that a new title will launch to fill the gap in the market.

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