Sunday 3 July 2016

Marie Wallin's Springtime Collection Six Reviewed

Image courtesy of Marie Wallin
Marie Wallin, former Head Designer at Rowan  who now runs her own design company from rural Leicestershire, has released the latest in her series of hand knit designs - Springtime Collection Six.

Each book in the collection has a different theme and this sixth, as its name suggests, contains pretty springtime flower patterns for sunny but cool days.

Wallin kindly sent me a copy for review and the my first impression was how beautiful and feminine the designs are. There are eight designs: six jumpers and two cardigans. All bar two use the intarsia technique for patterns and the two that don't create detail with cables.

This is not a collection for beginner knitters. I would rank myself as an intermediate knitter and certainly would find these patterns a challenge but that's the great fun of knitting - practicing existing skills and learning new ones to create a garment you thought may be beyond your level.

Here are the designs, all of which are knitted in Rowan Felted Tweed. All images are courtesy of Marie Wallin:


This is the design featured on the book's cover.


I adore the rose pattern on the yoke.


A short-sleeved jumper for warmer days.


The vintage-style sleeve and shoulder construction here grabs my attention.


Three-quarter length sleeves and lots of pattern!


An intricately-cabled jumper.


Cabled cropped cardigan.


The rose at the centre of the jumper is complemented by a rose on the sleeves and roses at the bottom.

All in all this is a beautiful collection. Rowan's influence on Wallin is still apparent by the yarn she has chosen and the model whom I recognise from previous Rowan pattern books. It is beautifully-photographed and lovely to look at even if the patterns may be slightly too challenging. Don't forget that less-experienced knitters can forgo the intarsia and knit the jumpers instead all in one colour.

Springtime Collection Six costs £12.99 plus P&P and can be bought directly from Marie Wallin's shop.

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  1. We have an interview with Marie Wallin on the Fruity Knitting Podcast Episode 17. She talks about her career, both at Rowan and in other roles, and also goes over her approach to design, looking at color, patterns and shape.

    I've done the Amaryllis design, which is stunning, and I'm currently working on the Blossom - which is a challenge with the intricate intarsia.

    I hope you don't mind me putting this in as a comment. I wanted to contact you privately but couldn't find any contact form or address.


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