Monday 30 January 2017

Izzy Lane's Crowdfunding Slaughter-Free Wool Launched

In June 2016 I signed up to Izzy Lane's crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to create a quality yarn range from her UK slaughter-free flock of rescued sheep. The company had pledged to create 50g 4 ply balls of wool for hand-knitters in a range of colours.

A few days ago I received two balls in the post in my chosen colour of Forest Green and straight away subjected them to the squish test. They feel like real wool (because they are!) and the knowledge of their British heritage gives them that extra bit of warmth from my heart.

Forgive me for mentioning the 'C' word but I'm going to use them to knit a cowl for a Christmas present. I have the Amaranthus pattern from Yarn Stories, which I'll adapt and sew the two scarf ends together.

Joining a crowdfunding campaign can feel like risky move as there's no guarantee that the company won't go bust before the pledgers receive their wares. I was bitten once before when I signed up to support a new American cotton yarn brand only to find I was charged over £10 above my pledge by the Royal Mail in customs fees for postage from the US.

This time the process worked brilliantly and I was both thrilled to be one of the first to receive the yarn and pleased to support the small British company and their rescued sheep.

Want some wool yourself? Each 50g 4 ply ball costs £8.50 or it's £75 for a ten ball pack. There are 15 shades, both natural and dyed, to choose from. See them all at Izzy Lane.

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