Monday 31 July 2017

Two New Covetable Brit Sweater & Cardigan Patterns + FOMK

Aaah - can Brit designers please take a six month break from releasing patterns to allow me to finish what I'm currently knitting? We've all been there, happily halfway through knitting a current project then wham! comes a new design you really want to knit straight away. Do you add it to your Ravelry favourites and steadfastly finish what you've started, or do put your half-finished creation to one side and get cracking with your latest pattern crush?

The acronym FOMO (fear of missing out) was coined for the social media generation when on Facebook, Instagram etc it seems like everyone else is out having a great time when you're stuck indoors doing the cleaning. I've made up the acronym FOMK (fear of missing knitting) for when crafters spot a lustworthy new pattern that they want to be one of the first to finish.


Praline image courtesy of Dani Sunshine
Emails about two such new patterns inspiring FOMK dropped into my inbox over the last few days. The first was from Kettle Yarn Co, showcasing a fabulous design from designer Dani Sunshine knitted in KYC's Beyul DK (see left).  Praline is a short cardigan perfect for wearing over floaty dresses. It's a great twist on a cardie and I want to wear it immediately!

At the time of writing this post Sunshine is offering 30% off the pattern if bought through Ravelry using the code BEYULSHRUG. I couldn't resist.

I haven't seen KYC's Beyul yarn in all its squishy glory. It's a mix of baby yak, silk and ethically sourced merino. Sadly it doesn't pass the A Woolly Yarn British origin test, so I looked at the other yarns on offer from the company.  Islington DK is a blend of 55% Blue Faced Leicester wool and 45% silk and is said to be hard-wearing, low pilling and long-lasting. I've settled on the shade icicle - a silver hue - as my favourite and one that will go with most garments in my wardrobe. At £21 per 100g skein it's certainly not cheap (this is where I thank my lucky stars I'm size extra small, needing the least amount of yarn) but I see Praline as an evening wear treat that will last as long as I do.


Image courtesy of Ysolda Teague
In her latest email Jen from Arnall-Cullinford Knitwear features a chat with Edinburgh-based designer Ysolda Teague. This month Teague published the Icelandic-inspired sweater Threipmuir and it's another I really want to knit. I haven't yet knitted a sweater with a multi-coloured yoke and would like both add the skills to my repertoire and have a snuggly jumper for the forthcoming winter.

The Threipmuir pattern is £7 to download on Ravelry. It uses S Twist Wool, which I'd never heard of. Following a little internet searching I discovered that S Twist Wool an Irish company and their sock weight yarn, used for the jumper, is a blend of fleeces from Tipperary and Kilkenny. It is available online in 100g skeins priced in euro.

If you'd prefer a Brit wool version sold in sterling then I'd recommend these two: Blacker Classic 4 Ply British Wool or the same company's pricier range Blacker Yarns Tamar 4 Ply, which has very vibrant shades. Blacker Classic costs £4.40 per 50g ball and Tamar is £16.20 per 100g skein.

Which to cast on first when I finish my current two projects - Raindrops and Lush??

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