Tuesday 30 April 2019

Review of Knit Now Magazine's 2019 British Issue

Image courtesy of Knit Now
To use a well-worn cliche, knitting magazines' British wool special issues are like buses - you wait ages for one and then two come along nearly at once.

On April 1st (no joke) A Woolly Yarn reviewed Knitting magazine's British issue. A few weeks' later Knit Now magazine published their annual British wool special, issue 101.

What the issue is very strong on is featuring a wide variety and price range of British wool, busting the myth that wool and anything that's not imported from China is going to be expensive. Yes, luxury hand-dyed yarns are available on the market but you won't find them in here.

The 'Best of British' features in the magazine showcases yarns for low to mid-range budgets including Jamieson's of Shetland Spindrift DK at £3.25 a ball; West Yorkshire Spinners' Bo Peep DK at £3.79 a ball; and Erika Knight's Wool Local (to be reviewed very soon on A Woolly Yarn) priced at £11.49 - yarn weights vary.

Knit Now patterns are aimed at both beginners and intermediate knitters.  Here's a collage of the main patterns in the issue:

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My favourite in the issue is one that's great for practicing colourwork - the Counting Sheep Hottie Cosy. Find it middle right on the grid. You might not need of a hot water bottle now but it's a great one to cast on and get ready for later in the year. The sheep are so cute and the project s knitted in Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift.

Another of my favourites, which highlights the ongoing trend for yoke patterns, is the Tylwyth Jumper designed by Rosie Woodland (bottom left on the pattern grid). As it uses only two colours the stranded knitting should be easy to pick up. The pattern uses West Yorkshire Spinners' The Croft Shetland Aran. Garments using thicker yarns knit up relatively quickly, which is always a bonus!

Other patterns include a pair of socks, toys, two more jumpers and scarves.

Image courtesy of Knit Now
In a partnership with the RSPB the issue comes with a book of 12 bird patterns to knit and three blue tit stitch markers. I started using the stitch markers today on 5mm needles with room to spare. There isn't a clasp and therefore there's no chance of them falling off, plus they look cute too.

For readers wanting to know about British wool Zoe Potrac reports on what really goes on at a sheep shearing; there's a interview with Carmen Schmidt who runs Walcot Yarns, and Ella Doran talks about wool, art and sustainability.  Plus there's a competition to win lots of British Wool goodies and tickets to forthcoming new yarn festival The Wool Monty.

All in all, whether or not the patterns float your boat (and it's frustrating when magazines are wrapped in plastic meaning you can't flick through before deciding whether to buy), it's a strong issue. As always it's great to see British yarn and designers championed.

The issue costs £6.99.

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