Friday 22 May 2015

Owligan Finally Finished

The Owls jumper pattern was my first introduction to Kate Davies' designs. I bought the pattern and kept meaning to knit it but never got round to it. When I saw that Kate had updated the pattern to turn it into a cardigan Owligan knitted in Toft chunky wool I immediately bought a copy and moved the project right up to the top of my 'to knit' list. Thanks to chunky wool being incredibly quick to knit up I've now finished it and am very happy with my new knitwear.

My Owligan

The Toft chunky yarn is so soft, warm and squishy that it feels like I'm wearing a hug. Nevertheless at £15 per 100g ball it's not cheap and this certainly wasn't a budget knit. Whilst I did save a ball or two from the recommended amount, due to me knitting the cardigan shorter that the pattern to suit my petite frame, I still spent just over £100 on wool and buttons. I justify this by knowing that it's a treasured garment that I'll keep and wear for years to come.

The owls on the yoke were much easier to knit than they look. The small buttons, which look like owl eyes, really complete the look. I was fortunate to find the same button in two different sizes - one for the eyes and one for the main button opening. 

Kate Davies sells ribbon in her online shop and I used the scissors pattern to reinforce the button bands.

All in all I'm thrilled with my new cardigan. It's a bit too warm to wear at the moment so I'll safely store my Owligan away until the Autumnal chills hit us.

Now I have no excuse for finishing off another jumper of Kate's, Catkin, that I've had on the needles for a couple of years and have never got round to finishing. It's knitted in Titus 4ply yarn and, unlike Owligan, takes a long, long time to knit up - that's too with me knitting a shorter version than the pattern!

Kate Davies modelling Catkin
Wish me luck ...

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