Thursday 7 July 2016

Kate Davies Appears On BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour

Image courtesy of Kate Davies
Great news for knitting and radio lovers - designer Kate Davies is to appear on the longstanding BBC radio programme Woman's Hour.

Set the alarm on your phone for 11am on Monday - that's 11th July - when Davies will be talking about her passion for knitting, research and her own Scottish yarn range Buachaille. She revealed exclusively on her blog that the recording of the interview with her and presenter Jane Garvey has already taken place in Glasgow.

As part of Woman's Hour Listener Week Davies was asked to nominate someone who has inspired her. We'll find out who it is on Monday. The interview will be available as a podcast after broadcast.

As an aside I'm still trying to finish Davies' Catkin sweater. I keep stopping and starting because I'm finding the pattern difficult - not the cables but the 'in the round' construction - will I ever get to wear it???


It was fascinating listening to Davies' interview on Woman's Hour - not only because I'd never heard her voice before but also for her story of her stroke, recovery, and the importance that knitting played in relearning to do physical tasks again.

I can very much to relate to knitting as therapy when you're in pain and dealing with a chronic condition. Knitting not only fulfils one's creative side but also it's wonderful to see the achievement, however small, when a pattern is finished. When I'm having a bad pain day, I'm dosed up on strong painkillers and even getting out of bed is difficult, doing a few rows of knitting means that the day hasn't been wasted and at least I've accomplished something. It's a far cry from the days in my 20s when I was a producer at the BBC, busy working long days, studying for a part time MA and nipping round the country at weekend to see friends; but although it's a different life it's still one that can bring me fulfilment and happiness.

Davies has nominated Felicity Ford aka Knitsonik to also be interviewed on the programme.

Listen to the Kate Davies interview on Woman's Hour here.

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