Wednesday 15 January 2014

Free Tulip Lace Handwarmers Pattern

In a previous post I mentioned I used King Cole Galaxy DK for my sequinned Christmas jumper. The yarn was left over from when I designed tulip lace handwarmers and knitted a few pairs for friends' Christmas presents.

Here's the pattern for you to knit your own pair. Please do not use this for commercial purposes.

Tulip lace handwarmers

These lightweight handwarmers are quick to knit and great for Spring days. The sequins in the wool add a special, sparkly shine to glam up an outfit. 

Yarn: King Cole Galaxy DK. One ball makes two pairs.

Knitting needles: 4mm

Cast on 40 stitches. Knit 20 rows in 2x2 rib.
Row 21: Knit
Row 22: Purl
Row 23: Knit 3 * yarn over, ssk, knit 6 *. Repeat ** 4 times except for last set where you omit the knit six and instead knit 3.
Row 24: Purl
Row 25: Knit 1 * knit 2 tog, yarn over, knit 1, yarn over, ssk, knit 3*. Repeat ** 4 times except for last set where you omit the knit three. Instead Knit 2 to end.
Row 26: Purl
Row 27: As row 23
Row 28: Purl
Repeat Rows 21 to 28 four times.
Next row: Knit
Next row: Purl.
Rows 63 to 66: 2x2 rib.
Cast off knitwise.

To make up:
Fold the knitting inside out lengthways and, starting from the wrist rib, sew up 5 inches. Leave an inch hole for the thumb and then sew up the rest of the seam. Darn in ends and turn in inside out.

For larger hands:
Cast on 48 stitches and instead of repeating the pattern 4 times in a row repeat it 5 times. Repeat rows 21 to 26 five times. Work out where you would like the thumb hole to be before sewing the side seam.

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