Wednesday 15 January 2014

Pack It In

Tomorrow I'm fortunate enough to be going on holiday to Laos in Southeast Asia. I'll be writing a travel feature on the country for the Disability Now website. The question is - should I pack some knitting?

I have taken my stash on holiday before, the most memorable time being to Zambia where I sat in the camp finishing off a jumper for my brother whilst wildlife walked by. That was a fabulous and relaxing way to spend a few hours whilst my friend was out on a walking safari.

For a competition my friend took a photo of me and my knitting when we were out in the bush in a jeep. This was a set up - I'm not so obsessed that I'd concentrate on a my knitting when an elephant is right behind me!

I think for Laos I'll leave the knitting at home and make sure I have quality time with my husband. I'm looking forward to seeing the colours and culture of the country and hope that I'll get inspiration for future knitting designs. With temples, riverside cookery stalls and a boat trip on the Nam Ou river there should be lots to dwell on when I get back.

Where's the most exotic place you've ever taken your knitting?

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