Friday 14 February 2014

Baa ram ewe Launches Three New Titus Shades

Titus, the yarn created by the lush Harrogate and Leeds knitting shop baa ram ewe, is launching three new shades on 19 February.

Image courtesy of baa ram ewe
Titus is a blend of Blue Faced Leicester and Wensleydale wool with a touch of UK Alpaca and is 4 ply. It is named after Yorkshire mill owner Titus Salt. I've had the good fortune to see my favourite of the new shades - a light blue called Bramley Baths - and have plans to knit a hat and snood with it. As its 4 ply it does take a while to knit up but the results are impressive. The other two new shades are Filey - a summer yellow - and Milo, that looks russett brown in the picture.

I'm currently knitting Kate Davies' Catkin sweater in Aire, having previously used the yarn to knit the matching hat (I'm wearing the hat in my profile picture on the right). I'm shortening the length of the jumper and removing the shaping to suit me.  It's one of those projects that, as it takes a long time to knit, I keep picking up and putting down in between shorter projects.

My only quibble with Titus is that it comes as a skein and takes a long time to unravel and roll into a ball, with the risk of getting it tangled. When I mentioned this to the lovely Katherine in baa ram ewe's Harrogate store she used their machine to wind my skeins into a ball for me. This was just before Christmas 2013 when I bought their special edition Wesley Bob Titus to knit Susan Crawford's Christmas jumper with. I've had the pattern for a few years now - I'm hoping I'll get it knitted to wear for Christmas 2014!

Titus retails at £14.99 for a 100g skein and is 100% British.

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