Thursday 6 February 2014

Three Cheers for Pom Pom Quarterly

At the end of last year, whilst doing some research for a knitting feature, I stumbled across Pom Pom Quarterly on the net and was immediately hooked (good job this isn't a crochet blog or that would be a terrible pun).

Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 8
This is the website of a funky, creative knitting publication that's more like an art book than a conventional knitting magazine. Reatailing at £9.50 it's handbag sized with lush photography. In fact it's a work of art in itself, and one that won't disgrace your coffee table.

This month sees the publication of issue eight, filled with eight contemporary patterns and journalism on a number of yarn and art topics. It's lavishly styled - the oh so hip models with purple hair or tattoos wear the candy coloured items as if they're about to hang out in Hoxton. The patterns aren't half bad too. No baby cardies or boring jumpers here. This magazine is for intermediate and experienced knitters who want to have fun with their needles and yarn, trying out new techniques or creating something different with the old ones.

I've written before in my review of Rowan's Knitting & Crochet Magazine 55 about my lack of enthusiasm for Summer knitted items such as shawls and lacy scarves. If you're a fan then the patterns Brill, Brolly and Aroha won't disappoint. My favourite though is a delicate pastel cardigan called Confetti. With aqua polka dots against a pale pink background, this short sleeved and bodied cardigan looks good enough eat - perfect for a cover up on a late Summer's evening.

Sadly I only discovered Pom Pom Quarterly on issue seven. Previous issues are available to download for a charge, however I've never been able to knit from an on-screen pattern and much prefer to get my hands on the printed version. I'll be scouring ebay ...

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