Thursday 10 April 2014

... And A Cuddly Toy

What's that I spy coming off my needles? I remember the 1980s television programme The Generation Game where winners had to remember prizes tootling along a conveyor belt. There was always cuddly toy, which would raise a slight cheer from the audience. If you could remember one thing it would always be the cuddly toy.

So, after a raft of hats, jumpers, blankets, cowls and baby shoes the latest item to come off my needles is a cuddly toy. Just not the one I was expecting when I sat down with yarn and a pattern! I had some lovely, snuggly, thick chunky alpaca to use up and chose smaller needles for a tighter knit. Half way through the pattern it was obvious that the yarn would soon run out.  I hunted in my stash for some other soft yarn the same thickness and the toy's legs became slate.

Then I quickly used up that yarn too. None left for arms! My cuddly toy was destined to be an amigurumi style pet, with quirky features. The toy will be a gift for my best friend's unborn baby and needs to be safe, hence the EU-standard stuffing and eyes. I love its owl-like look and can't wait to see what my friend will call him (or her).

It certainly is a cuddly toy to remember! There will be more coming off my needles for the newborn soon.

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