Tuesday 1 April 2014

Cuddly Cushion Knit

March saw the redecoration of our front room, the addition of a new sofa and the perfect knitted cushion to complement it. When I took up knitting again in my late twenties my first knits were home accessories to grace the flat I lived in then as a singleton. I bought a Debbie Bliss book - Simple Living - and knitted a simple but visually effective cushion cover design in cream that is still going strong today.

My Laura Ashley sofa and Debbie Bliss cushion
Fast forward to 2014 and for my new sofa I decided I wanted a plain purple cushion. Out went an old cushion cover to a charity shop and in came the Debbie Bliss garter stitch cushion knitted in Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wook DK bought in a three for two offer at Hobbycraft. The purple shade I used appears to have sold out now. I find that Hobbycraft is very hit and miss for yarn, although if you do find what you're looking for their offers are good.

The juxtaposition of single row garter stitch in the middle of double row garter stitch is aesthetically pleasing and calming. Plus the cushion is very cuddly and perfect for resting my head on after a hard day's writing and knitting. For people like me who love getting their money's worth, using an already-owned pattern book hits the spot.

Cushion close up
I have an article on social media coming out in the Fall/Winter edition of Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine. One of Debbie's strengths is designing patterns aimed at varying levels of knitting ability. The pattern I used for the cushion was for beginners, yet the finished item looks professional and proves that designs don't have to have a multitude of intarsia and cables on to look good.

Now, back to the cables in the round Catterick hat and Kate Davies sweater that I've been putting off ...

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