Sunday 31 August 2014

Catwalk Gives Thumbs Up To Knitwear

Opening up Grazia magazine this week (issue 489) I came across fashion spread featuring the 'wonder of woolies'. Apparently this season knitwear goes head to toe as a skinny model sat on a horse, frolicked in a field and looked sultry next to a tree.

Picture courtesy of Stella McCartney
The knitted jumper has always been an Autumn/Winter staple but now designers are favouring knitted dresses, bags, jackets and even trousers. I must admit that even I draw the line at knitted trousers: they look OK on the model, just, but baggy is not best for every woman's figure.

It's great to see British designers embracing the woolly look. Knits feature heavily in Stella McCartney's collection, with lots of black and neutral shades as well as a vibrant blue. My favourite is the chunky knit asymmetric sweater, but at £550 you've got one of Stella's celebrity friends to be able to afford it.

So how can you knit the look yourself? I did a quick search for patterns online and came up with the lovely Louisa jumper on Ravelry and a great asymmetric pattern from Rowan's Farmhouse Knits. Depending on the quality of yarn you choose - and in my opinion it's worth plumping for the best you can afford to ensure the finished make is soft and ever-wearable - you should be able to knit one for around £50.

And the knitted trousers? Well virtually all the patterns I found were for children under two years old, unable yet to voice their protestations about wearing them. I did find, however, one pattern on Ravelry for casual bootcut pants that look just about wearable. Sadly Grazia magazine's pictures of knitted trousers aren't online to show you.

Is wearing knitted trousers a step too far for you? Or will we all be wearing them this time next year? Let me know what you think in the comments box below.

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