Friday 29 August 2014

Learning About British Wool

Want to put your needles down for a bit and read about your favourite hobby? I've come across two interesting features on the internet recently that promote and teach about British wool and its heritage.

Images courtesy of Loveknitting
The first is a blog post from the online wool store Loveknitting. Complete with some lovely photos the post tells that wool traditions date back to 10,000 BC - that's a very long time ago - and that wool shearing and production have been an integral part of the British economy for centuries. In the Middle Ages we exported our wool to many countries across Europe.

During the Industrial Revolution the wool industry and its mills rose to the fore with the mechanisation of the spinning and weaving process.

Over British Wool Learning there's a curriculum-based resource for teachers to pass on our heritage to their pupils from early years to age 11. There's also a family section with craft ideas and games. The activities there are great to help a child while away a rainy afternoon - and to introduce them to crafting with British wool of course. For an addictive game yourself why not play 'count the sheep'? The challenge is to do it without falling asleep!

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