Wednesday 20 August 2014

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Picture courtesy of Herdy
A short Summer break in Northumberland has meant that I've not updated the blog for a while. Now I'm back, full of praise for the county's wonderful coastal scenery and general sense of spaciousness you feel driving along its country roads, past fields and fields of sheep.

Whilst I wouldn't want to be in the field with one I do love pictures of sheep and the crafty versions. Sheep, in all their different breeds, appear to be such British, cuddly animals, with their fleeces bringing much joy to knitters.

The British company Herdy has a sheep on their logo and sells a craft line of wool and patterns. They've recently added a sheep crochet pattern to their range, along with patterns for fabulous adult or children's hats.  Herdy is short for Herdwick sheep from the Lake District. As well selling a fun yarn line made from Herdy sheep, sourced from a cooperative of Herdwick farmers, the company supports rural and community projects both at home and overseas.

Picture courtesy of Herdy
I'd love to visit one of their shops in Grasmere, Hawes or Keswick, but until then I get my crafty sheep fix from their website. Herdy is great example of a modern British wool company. Next year I'd like a North Yorkshire Summer break to visit the Hawes shop. Until then I'll have to make do with crocheting a Herdy sheep - but which colour to choose from Herdy's signature green, grey, light blue, dark blue, pink or orange yarns?

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