Thursday 20 August 2015

Let's Twist Again: Review of Twist It 2 magazine Autumn 2015

Image courtesy of Immediate Media
The first Twist It magazine appeared on the shelves many months ago. Without any fanfare the second edition, published by Immediate Media, hit the newsagent shelves this month. I have no idea whether this is going to be a regular seasonal publication or an ad-hoc magazine, but the design of Twist It, with its glossy photography and premium paper is that of a collectable periodical.

Twist It contains 33 'modern patterns', interviews with prominent designers and an opening news section with a collection of modern knitted products available on the internet, such as arrow cushions, though I draw the line at knitted distressed leggings that look as if a five-year-old knitted them. So far, however, so good.

The next thing, however, that I noticed when flicking through is that the magazine contains a pattern for a jumper called Sandhurst that's currently on my needles.  I found it in the free pattern section on Artesano's website. It's a great pattern but considering it's available for nothing on the internet it seems strange that it has been published in a paid for magazine.

Looking at the other patterns in Twist It the vast majority have been taken from published books and design house pamphlets. It's very difficult to tell if any are exclusive to the magazine. In the crowded marketplace of knitting magazine publishing readers do expect to receive original patterns for their hard-earned cash.

That said, the interviews with Jared Flood, Kerry Lord and Laura Strutt (a specialist in arm knitting!) are interesting and the magazine has high production values with its design and photography. It's just a shame that none of the patterns particularly leap out and shout 'knit me!' - although that's my personal opinion and other readers may think differently.

Twist It's strapline is 'A New Take On Knitting'. The concept is a good one, I only hope that Twist It 3, if there is to be one (there's no mention in the magazine of a forthcoming issue), contains some original patterns to give readers a compelling reason for spending their £7.99 on it.

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