Wednesday 19 August 2015

New Look For Knit Today Magazine

Knit Today magazine is celebrating its 116th issue with a redesign making it brighter, more modern and seemingly aimed at a younger audience than its sister magazine Simply Knitting.

Whilst Simply Knitting has a reputation for both its toy patterns and also jumpers and cardigans in many sizes, Knit Today has gone for a youthful, neon look with easy patterns including a necklace, bracelets clutch bag and stripy t-shirt as seen on the cover.

The redesigned magazine is focussing on attracting beginner knitters by including 28 easy patterns. I love the neon stripy t shirt designed by Lynne Rowe and also the features on Kerry Lord of Toft Alpaca and the knitting life of knitwear designer Jessica Briscoe. The jazzed up news section contains information and products new to the market. It features a knitting needle set by the shop Berylune, which handily is only a few miles from where I live. I'll definitely be popping in to buy my own set.

The free gift with his issue is a zipped knitting needle case - great for beginners starting out on the craft but no way big enough for experienced knitters with an extensive needle stash. I doubt knitters who want a complicated pattern will find what they are looking forward in this issue. Knitting a face cloth, hot air balloon or soap scrubby just won't cut the mustard. Those readers should look at The Knitter magazine instead, another sister magazine of Knit Today, but aimed at intermediate and experienced knitters.

Overall the redesign is a success because it has repositioned Knit Today in the knitting magazine marketplace by aiming itself at younger, beginner knitters. I have high hopes for issue 117 thanks to the trailer for it in the back of the magazine showcasing an easy lace knit t shirt designed by Sarah Hatton and a free Christmas Robin knitting kit.

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